Wordpress PicWell met.

Like Roger Ebert or Harry S. Plinkett before me, my sole endeavour in life is to break down the fundamental mechanics of your favourite films and pinpoint what makes them good or bad (usually bad).

Because of this impulse, few people in my life will stoop to watch movies with me anymore. My physicians assure me this will turnabout when my meds start kicking in.

With perhaps a few select exceptions, I have neither the time nor the interest in reviewing contemporary films as they’re released — rather, my interest is in analyzing a film’s narrative components and general effectiveness, whether said film is one year old or twenty.

My qualifications include a three-year liberal arts degree, a brief stint in showbiz, an ego the size of Saskatchewan, and an unrelated insurance license (need a quote? I need to buy breakfast beans this month…).

I’ve been called an elitist ass, but I prefer snooty film critic.

— J.R.D. Hilton