Every once in a blue moon I’ll shepherd my beloved readers down the cluttered, broken cobblestone path that is my memory lane on a nostalgic recount of my top ten favourite (or least favourite!) films from years pasts.

These lists will be posted with no particular consideration for chronology and, just like those family members who have been listed in my will, will be based entirely on my mood. In one post I might detail my favourite films of 2012 (which will probably end up being a Top Fourteen List) or all the best films to debut back in 2008 (which will probably end up being a Top Two List).

The mark of a satisfactory year is that the entire Top Ten will be slated with 9s, while a disappointing year’s Top Ten will be filled predominantly with 7s (or even lower!), meaning I didn’t have much to choose from.

See below for the Top Ten lists prepared to date.

Top Ten Film List for 2022 (Official).

Top Ten Blandest Films List for 2022.

Top One Film List for 2020.

Top Ten Film List for 2019.

Top Ten Film List for 2018.

Top Ten Film List for 2017.

Top Ten Film List for 2016.

Top Ten Film List for 2015.